Research Policy

A Research and Development Cell has been established at Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College under the aegis of UGC with a vision of putting in place a robust mechanism for developing and strengthening the research ecosystem aligned with the provisions of NEP-2020.The mission of this cell is to create a conducive environment for enhanced research productivity, encourage collaboration across industry, government, community-based organizations and agencies at the local, national, and international levels and to facilitate greater access to research through mobilization of resources and funding.

Main Objectives of Research and Development Cell

The Research and Development cell is headed by Principal. Dean, Innovations and Research and will be responsible for effective functioning of the cell and to build a sustainable research ecosystem that leads to consistent quality research outcomes and enhanced productivity. Avibrant research ecosystem will be developed in HMV under the aegis of this cell to provide meaningful thrust for sustainable research and innovation and promote collaboration between government, universities, research institutes and industries. A research policy will be in place to facilitate planning, implementation, and monitoring of research activities in the institution.

Salient features of Research Policy

• Each faculty member is encouraged to publish at least one book chapter or research/review paper in good quality journals (indexed in Scopus/WOS/UGC approved list of journals) annually.

• A soft copy of publication must be submitted to the office of Principal, IQAC and Dean,Innovations and Research.

• Quality,integrity and ethics in research must been sured.

• Teachers must aspire for national and international collaborations and extramural funding for research purpose.

• Faculty is advised to under take socially useful research with potential for commercialization/IPR and other similar activity.