Wi Fi Campus

Wi-Fi Setup in Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College

The college’s Wi-Fi network infrastructure is a critical component of the institution’s technology resources. It supports the connectivity needs of students, faculty, staff, and visitors across the campus.

Wi-Fi service for students

  1. Providing Wi-Fi service for students is essential for remote learning and academic success. To set up Wi-Fi for students, Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Ludhiana, ensure Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campus, including classrooms, libraries, and common areas. We have tried our level best to implement robust security measures to protect students’ data and privacy.
  2. We offer a separate guest network to avoid overloading the primary network with personal devices. We allocate sufficient bandwidth to accommodate online classes, research, and streaming. We also provide technical support to assist students with network connectivity issues.
  3. We educate students about online safety and responsible internet use.
  4. We regularly update and maintain the network infrastructure to ensure reliability.
  5. By implementing these measures, we have created a conducive online learning environment for our students.

Technical Specifications:

  • FortiGate 100F firewall guards the college’s wireless network. These firewalls are renowned for having strong security features, such as web filtering, antivirus protection, and intrusion prevention. Great performance and cutting-edge threat prevention makes FortiGate 100F, an excellent choice for securing the college network.
  • A high-speed leased line with a bandwidth of 150 Mbps ensures that users experience fast and reliable internet connectivity.
  • Network infrastructure with the latest configuration of switches and routers have more than 45 access points strategically placed across the campus, which ensure seamless and reliable wireless connectivity throughout the college premises.