Sarbat Da Bhala Society

“Sarbat Da Bhala” is a phrase from Sikhism that means “blessings for everyone” or “well-being for all.” It reflects the spirit of selfless service, equality, and goodwill toward all people, regardless of their background or beliefs. It’s a core principle of Sikh teachings and emphasizes the importance of helping and serving the community. Promoting philanthropy and social services among students is the basic motive of ‘Sarbat Da Bhala Society’. We strongly believe that by fostering a culture of empathy, compassion, and active participation in philanthropic activities, we can inspire our students to become lifelong advocates for philanthropy and social change.

Committee Members

  1. Prof. Gurvinder Kaur
  2. Prof.Jaspreet Kaur
  3. Prof.Sharanjit Kaur
  4. Prof.Harjinder Singh
  5. Dr.Arvinder Kaur
  6. Dr.Hargunjot Kaur
  7. Prof.Gurpreet Singh
  8. Prof.Gurdas Singh
  9. Prof.Amritpal Kaur
  10. Prof.Harsimran Singh