Research Promotion Cell

Plagiarism Policy

We intend to maintain the highest degree of academic integrity and ensure that all the publications and research work being carried out in the institution is free from any type of malpractice. Our main thrust is on providing scholarly liberty, inventive assessment and quality research. The college seeks to uphold premier ethical principles integrating diligence, revere and accountability in all the activities of the institution including research and publications.

Our Policy

  • As per UGC regulations called ‘Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018’, the institution has established a mechanism to facilitate conscientious conduct of research, publications, promotion of academic integrity and deterrence from plagiarism.
  • Students, faculty, researchers and staff will carry out proper attribution, seeking permission of the author wherever necessary, acknowledgement of source compatible with the needs and specificities of disciplines and in accordance with rules, international conventions and regulations governing the source.
  • The institution will regularly conduct sensitization seminars/ awareness programs on responsible conduct of research and promotion of academic integrity and ethics in education for students, faculty, researchers and staff.
  • Every researcher submitting a thesis or any other such documents shall submit an undertaking indicating that the document has been prepared by him or her and that the document is his/her original work and free of any plagiarism. The undertaking shall include the fact that the document has been duly checked through an approved Plagiarism detection tool.
  • For all in house publications, the Editor of the respective publication will be responsible for checking plagiarism or malpractice of any kind.
  • Suitable action, in accordance with UGC regulations, will be taken on the member who is found guilty of plagiarism.
Committee Members
  1. Arvinder Singh Bhalla                              :           Director

      Principal, Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Ludhiana

  1. Parvinder Singh                                         :          Additional Director

      Principal, Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology, Ludhiana

  1. Sushminderjeet Kaur, Head, PG Department of English
  2. Deepak Walia, Associate Professor, PG Department of Commerce
  3. Geeta Jallan, Head, PG Department of Chemistry
  4. Harpreet Singh Dua, Associate Professor, PG Department of Punjabi
  5. Gurdas Singh, Assistant Professor, PG Department of Computer Science