Nek Chand Memorial Club

‘Nek Chand Memorial Society’ aims at motivating our students to explore the opportunities to promote the ‘Best out of Waste Initiatives to bring a meaningful change in the college. We firmly believe that a “Best Out of Waste” initiative encourages students to creatively repurpose and transform discarded materials into useful or artistic items. It promotes environmental awareness and resourcefulness by reducing waste. It’s a great way to engage communities in sustainable practices and showcase the potential of recycling. If you’re thinking of starting one, consider organizing workshops, competitions, or exhibitions to showcase the outcomes of these initiatives.

Committee Members
  1. Dr. Bhupinderjit Kaur
  2. Dr. Rishu Jain
  3. Dr. Amritpal Kaur
  4. Prof. Amanpreet Kaur
  5. Dr. Tajinder Kaur