Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Seva Society

Bhai Kanhaiya was a Sikh of Guru Tegh Bahadur and was the founder of Sevapanthi or Addanshahisamparday (brotherly orders) of the Sikhs.Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Sewa Society is founded to keep the tradition of secular service alive and to make people follow the footsteps of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji as follows:

  • SERVE SELFLESSLY: The Sakhi tells us that we should serve Humanity selflessly (Nishkam) and with complete dedication; To open our minds to see divinity in all beings.
  • TREAT ALL EQUALLY: To Serve All of Humanity Equally without discrimination; provide help and assistance to everybody without prejudice or indifference; make no distinction between friend or foe.
  • SERVE WITH COMPASSION & LOVE: It tells us how we should treat even our fallen enemies (when they do not have their swords drawn) with respect, compassion, humility and Love.
  • THE FIVE WEAPONS: The Five Weapons to destroy the five internal Thieves – Deep level of Compassion (Daya), Complete compliance to Truth (Sat), Inner Contentment (Santokh), Overflowing Humility (Nimrata) and Total Love (Pyar). The Sakhi puts into practise the 5 major virtues promoted by Gurbani
  • SHARE WITH OTHERS: To Share one’s wealth with the people who are suffering to reduce their suffering and pain. Remembering the Three Pillars of Sikhism – Naam Japo; KiratKarni and Wand kay Shako.
  • SEWA: To carry out whatever Sewa that we are able to, to help make life more comfortable for anyone who is hurt, in pain, is suffering or otherwise in a bad way. This is part of Sikhism’s Two-Pronged Dedication to God of Simran and Sewa.
Committee Members
  1. Prof. Gurpreet Singh
  2. Prof. Sharanjit Kaur
  3. Dr. Geeta Jallan
  4. Prof. Gurvinder Kaur
  5. Dr. Arvinder Kaur
  6. Dr. Hargunjot Kaur
  7. Prof. Asha Rani
  8. Prof. Gurdas Singh
  9. Dr. Rishu Jain
  10. Dr. Bhupinderjit Kaur
  11. Dr. Amritpal Kaur
  12. Prof. Jasleen kaur
  13. Prof. Harsimran Singh