Policy Document for Financial Aid to the Students

E-Governance policies’ primary goal is to provide efficient and real-time monitoring of educational quality. The goals of e-Government are to boost productivity, foster more accountability and transparency in the administration of educational institutions, reduce the cost of administrative services (e-administration), and provide easier, quicker access to services and the general public (e-services). Additionally, as e-governance aims to use less paper, it supports our efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Our Policy

  • Liberal Scholarships will be given to students on the basis of excellence in
    • Academics
    • Sports
    • Cultural Activities
  • Scholarships will also given on poverty basis and to minority class and SC/ST/BC/OBC
  • The College will provide scholarships to students who are enrolled in various programs through funds provided by donors and other college funds.
  • Fee concession/stipends and scholarship of all categories will be withdrawn if the student deteriorates in studies, remains irregular or is found guilty of misconduct.
  • The concession will be given only once a
  • Scholarship recipient    students   must    meet    “Satisfactory    Academic    Progress”
  • Students must demonstrate financial need where
  • The decision made by the college authorities will be final and not subject to challenge by the applicants.

Details of Government scholarships

  • Post Matric Scholarship for SC students
  • Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Communities