Examination Policy

Our aim

The underlying principle of this exam policy is to make sure the planning and organization of exams is well-organized and in the paramount interest of candidates to ensure the functioning of an efficient exam system with clear guidelines for all relevant staff.It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the exam processes of the college to read,understand and implement this policy.

Our policy

• The Principal is Coordinator of examination. The Coordinator appoints one senior faculty as Dean Examination.

• The duties assigned with reference to the conduct of examination are mandatory for all staff.

• The Dean Examination and examination committee maintains systems and processes to support the timely entry of candidates for their exams and assessments and frames semester-wise examination date-sheet and assessment deadlines and notify in the academic calendar of the institution.

• One superintendent and deputy superintendent/s (as per need) will be deputed for each session and they will have to report 45 minutes before the examination time.

• One invigilator for 30 students will be appointed and they will report 30 minutes before the examination.

• Sitting plans of students will be displayed on examination notice board and roll numbers are also written on student seats and water persons, as per need, for each session will be deputed for each centre.

• CCTV surveillance for all types of examination shall be done.

• Malpractices in the college shall not be tolerated and violation of the rule will be taken seriously for suitable disciplinary action.

• The superintendent will handover the unfair mean cases immediately to Dean Examination for disciplinary action.

• The examiner memo form shall be filled by Examination superintendent, mentioning date of examination and date of submission of result.