Entrepreneurship Development Policy

Our Aim

Our college motivates the students to focus on self-employment as a career option and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst them. The main objective is to provide an institutional framework for elevating vocational programmes related to the current market scenario and encourage the students to enrol in these vocational programmes.

Our Policy

  1. The college will make continuous efforts to develop an inclusive entrepreneurial policy in the organisation integrating these activities across various faculties.
  2. An Innovation Council has been formed as per the guidelines of MHRD to mobilise resources for developing innovation an entrepreneurship policy.
  3. With the prior permission of the Principal, the college will facilitate startup activities by permitting the students and faculty to use college infrastructure.
  4. The college will expand entrepreneurship development policy to the alumni of the college as well.
  5. Renowned entrepreneurs are invited to address the students for motivating them to develop entrepreneurial thinking.
  6. Initiatives will be taken to provide cognizable skills training to students.
  7. Efforts will be made to spread awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship among students and staff and its role in employability.
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